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The Longview Lake Estates Homeowners Association welcomes you to our community. You have chosen to live in a great neighborhood in the City of Tulsa. Longview Lake Estates has an active Homeowners Association which strives to maintain and improve all facets of the neighborhood. Longview Lake Estates features three large private parks a private pool and a walking trail. The neighborhood is a few blocks away from Tulsa's trail system.

About our association


Business of the Longview Lake Estates Homeowners Association is managed by the Board which is comprised of between 3 and 11 members elected at the annual meeting. The Association has several committees to plan events and take care of neighborhood assets including the pool and parks. Homeowners are encouraged to join a committee and make a difference to protect and improve their neighborhood.

The Board meets once a month to discuss matters of the Association and make decisions that affect the neighborhood. All homeowners in good standing are encouraged to attend these meetings.


In February of 1969, Longview Lake Estates formally became a corporation in accordance with the laws of the State of Oklahoma. The purpose of this organization is described in the Associations Articles of Incorporation. This Association is formed for the purposes not involving pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof. The specific purposes for which it is formed are to provide for enhancing and protecting the value, desirability and attractiveness of the real property within the tract described as Longview Lake Estates and to promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents and for this purpose:

- to own, acquire, build, operate and maintain recreation facilities and structures of any kind for the use and benefit of members and their families and guests (This includes 3 parks, playground structures and equipment, a private pool and volleyball courts);
-to procure and maintain adequate liability and hazard insurance on property of the Association;
- to cause the Common Areas to be maintained and to render unexpected repair or replacement of a capital improvement upon the Common Areas 
- to employ a manager, independent contractor or such other employees as deemed necessary;
- to maintain all books, records and papers of the Association and to keep a complete record of all its acts and corporate affairs and to issue upon demand, a certificate whether or not any assessment has been paid and to send written notice of assessments to each owner;
- to fix, levy, collect and enforce payment by any lawful means all charges or assessments pursuant to the terms of the Declaration; to pay all expenses incident to the conduct of the business of the Association, including all licenses, taxes or government charges levied or imposed against the property of the Association.


Dues for First Quarter (January thru March) are due on January 1st, Second Quarter (April thru June) on April 1st, Third Quarter (July thru September) on July 1st, Fourth Quarter (October - December) on October 1st. Dues are delinquent after the first day of the quarter.


Longview Lake Estates dues can now be paid with PayPal or one of these credit cards: MASTERCARD, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER.

 There are two ways to pay: If you have a PayPal account, you can send payment of at least 3 months (one quarter) of dues per payment to: jkelsey6099@gmail.com

 Use "SEND MONEY" and select "im paying for goods or services" For proper credit, please be sure to specify your name and address in the message box! If you do not have a PayPal account, and wish to use a credit card, you must pay for an entire years dues at one time. The following payment information is required: Credit card number Expiration Date CVV or CV2 (3 or 4 digit number on back of card) Please send payment information and a copy of your statement to the address on your statement.

To ensure proper posting of dues payments, please be sure the property address and the owner of the property, as listed on the deed, is on the check. Dues may be paid by the quarter(s) or by the year. Dues should be mailed to:
Longview Lake Association, P.O. Box 690114, Tulsa, OK 74169-0114

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