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- - - Parking Complaints Increase - - -

Parking is one of the greatest sources of headaches for an HOA community, particularly the HOA board. Additionally, we have a school in our neighborhood creating increased traffic and parking problems every day. When a homeowner is called out for violating parking regulations, they rarely have a gracious response. There are city codes prohibiting parking cars and trailers in yards, and it is time to start reporting these violations to the city. Per the City of Tulsa: Parking is permitted on residential lots ONLY on a legal driveway or in a garage. A driveway or parking area must be made with approved all-weather surface material (asphalt or concrete) to meet city standards. Parking IS NOT ALLOWED in residential yards.  We all want to maintain the integrity of our neighborhood...and cars parked in yards  decrease all our property values and is against city ordinance.  Please help us by reporting any violations to the City of Tulsa.


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